It's All in Your Mind

If snakes are as malicious and deadly as people perceive them to be, tell me, how’d I survive the following?

Either I’m some magical snake whisperer, or perhaps the species displayed above are non-venomous? Of course, the latter is true. By no means am I advocating picking up snakes or purposely getting close to them. What I hope to provide is proof that labeling ALL snakes as “deadly” or “dangerous” is ignorant, as most generalizations tend to be. Furthermore, had they been venomous, simply keeping my distance reduces the chances of being bitten to 0%.

Much of what you’ve been told about snakes is misleading. Most snakes you encounter are harmless, and all snakes are harmless if left alone. So the next time someone tries conflating snakes with imminent danger, please feel free to share this with them.

Until next time, there’s a world we can visit.

- S.Harris