Art & conservation collective by S.harris

The Art & Conservation Collective was developed to combine creativity and conservation to better support our native wildlife and wildlands. It can be thought of as an art collective, aimed at preserving and supporting native plants and animals. Our designs are inspired by species you may not have heard of, which we hope helps connect you to what exists outside of your neighborhood. 100% of the profit derived from our sales is allocated to conservation efforts. We are currently partnered with Pennsylvania Bat Rescue, a local organization that rescues, rehabilitates, and releases bats back into the wild. We firmly believe, as supported by the scientific literature, that nature is synergistic and incredibly interconnected. Hence, while the designs you see below may display a snake or a turtle, indirectly, they’ll be connected to furry flyers somewhere in the Pennsylvania wilderness.

SET 1: inspired by three North American reptile species: the Eastern Box Turtle, The Timber rattlesnake, and the Wood Turtle.

Partnered with:

pa bat rescue.png

100% of the profit from our sales goes to PA Bat Rescue